Native Sisters of California
 Sisters of the West

We have an abundance of magical native plants in the North American Pacific West.  Before advances in transportation made it easy to ship herbs from the Old World to the New World, the indigenous peoples of the Americas survived solely on the plants of their region.  While it is truly remarkable that we are able to retrieve Chamomile, Lavender, and Peppermint from their native Europe, there is something radical and primal in healing ourselves with all that remains wild around us. 

Sisters of the West is a celebration of indigenous plants.  Each product consists solely of plants native to the North American Pacific West.  The herbs used are always grown on native soil.  Most of our plants are grown at Memory Seed Family Garden on the Central Coast or at our garden in Siskiyou County.  Occasionally our plants are obtained from reputable sources that offer native plants grown on North American Pacific West soil.  We do not wildcraft the plants we use for Sisters of the West out of love and respect for our native plant Sisters.  Go to United Plant Savers for more information on our endangered plants.  The particular ingredients in each product may vary due to season and availability.  Like the cycles of the moon and sun, each offering contains its own unique formula that represents its particular time and place.  With that in mind, the ratio of ingredients is adjusted with each seasonal blend to maintain a safe consistency of dosage.

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